I fell in love with photography when I was fifteen. But as a young girl in Moscow, I thought being a “photographer” meant shooting political talking heads or chasing celebrities for tabloids. I put in the hours studying photojournalism and working for newspapers and magazines; I even had my own studio in Moscow. But I never imagined a photographer could make a living doing what I love most: telling the real stories of real people.

In the last few years, I have let my courage catch up with my passion. My talent is not in framing perfect shots or hiding blemishes; it’s in capturing life in action—sometimes coarse, sometimes subtle, but always real.

You are most interesting when you forget about my camera. So I shoot based on instinct, playfulness, and deep trust in the moment. My style is purely documentary, which means I direct as little as possible and rather give you space to let your personality unfold naturally.


If you like my approach, send me an email. I would be happy to hear all about your story and to discuss the best way to make your ideas come true.


M√ľnchen mob.: +49 176 568 03 309 mail.: fotoapetra@gmail.com www.petrakova.com